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The petrochemical policy is stable, and plastics may face rebound demand in the short term.

Liansu 1309 contract opened high and closed low at the long shadow line on Monday, closing at 10415 points, down 90 points from the previous trading day. The top 20 bulls increased their positions by 14487 to 87057, and the bears increased their positions by 227 to 83077. On the whole, various forces have a slight advantage. The trading volume increased slightly compared with the day before yesterday, the green column of MACD index was shortened, the KD index was glued upward in the oversold area, and the futures price faced rebound demand from the technical graph

industry 4. Punch and sample replacement, easy loading and unloading dynamic: Medium 4 According to the stress state of the sample and the application speed of the experimental force, it can be divided into static force and dynamic force. The price of East China PE linear part of the experimental oil has been increased. High pressure Daqing 2426h is linked to 11000, and 18D is linked to 11150; The linear part rises, Fushun 7042 rises by 50 and sets 10550, and Lanhua 7042n rises by 50 and sets 10550; Low voltage Dushanzi 8008 Ding 105505502 Ding 10900, Jihua 9455f Ding 11100; Yuan/ton

PetroChina South China PE linear/partial low pressure rise, high pressure Daqing 2426k set at 10800, Daqing 2426h set at 10850, 18D set at 11200; Linear Jihua/Dushanzi/Lanhua 7042 Ding 10600; The pricing of the low-pressure part is adjusted. Therefore, the clamping force of the press used to maintain the polymerization reaction of Daqing 500 is set at 11300, that of Jihua 9455f is set at 11300, and that of Dushanzi 8008 is increased by 50 is set at 10600; Yuan/ton

the ex factory price of Sinopec East China PE remained stable, high-voltage Shanghai q281 set 10750, q210/n150 set 10600, and Maoming 2426h set 10600; Linear Yangzi 7042/1802 set 105501801 set 10500; LV Yangzi 5000S Ding 11450, Shanghai mh602 Ding 11500; Yuan/ton

Sinopec/PetroChina carried out a small-scale price adjustment, mainly in East/South China. At the beginning of the week, the market mentality of all regions was general, the merchants' offer was mainly stable and sorted out, some brands fluctuated slightly, and the overall solid trading continued a flat pattern. It is expected that the market will continue to consolidate slightly in the short term. Operational suggestions: l1309 trend short orders continue to be held. Short sellers can pay attention to the pollution-free opportunities of intraday short-term buying or the first-line intervention in trend short orders again when the futures price rebounds to 10700 yuan/ton

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