The hottest petrochemical market is unstable, and

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The petrochemical market is unstable, and the futures price of imported PP may be adjusted.

the futures price of imported PP is high, and the domestic market is still the engine of the industry, which has certain advantages. Haixi plastic trading center predicts that the PP market will rise by yuan with the factory price tomorrow

after the holiday, PP futures fell by 0.57%, and the spot market also adjusted. In terms of petrochemical plants, Sinopec stood still, while PetroChina increased on a large scale: the northeast, North China and northwest rose 100 respectively, individual pipe materials in East China rose 150, and South China rose. The rise of PetroChina has limited support for the market, and all regions have slightly reduced the price, with a range of about 50 yuan. Individual markets in South China rebounded by yuan near the afternoon market. The overall transaction is general, and the wait-and-see mentality is strong


the sharp rise in crude oil has brought positive results, but the downstream octanol and propylene oxide markets are weak, the propylene market is stable and upward, and the market response is acceptable. At present, the reference of propylene price in various regions: the increase of 3 in Shandong is to insist on putting the quality and benefit of increasing development in the first place in the order of analogy, 100 yuan/ton; Northeast China reported a steady 7100 yuan/ton; North China rose 200 yuan/ton; The stable report of Northwest China is 7150 yuan/ton; East China is stable, so when the impact testing machine is running, it should be reported as yuan/ton in places with high humidity; South China reported 7300 yuan/ton


Shanghai Petrochemical: PP unit produces f800edf; Dimerization production m800e; Trimer is converted to m180r. The design capacity of the device is 400000 tons/year

Guangzhou Petrochemical: the PP plant produces cjs700 in the first line and cjs700 in the second line. It is planned to convert one plant to 4220 in the near future. The design capacity of the device is 200000 tons/year (140000 tons for the first line and 60000 tons for the second line)

Maoming Petrochemical: the first line of PP plant is scheduled to shut down on March 24 and open on April 3, producing pph-t03, the second line is scheduled to shut down on March 9, and the third line is scheduled to produce S1003

Yanshan Petrochemical: PP unit Yiju switched to k4912 on the 4th; Dimer production 4220; Sanju switched to b8101 on the 6th

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