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Petrochemical industry is expected to become the second largest industry in Yingkou

according to the latest data released by the economic and Information Commission of Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, in the first half of this year, the development of the petrochemical industry in Yingkou City showed a strong trend, achieving a sales revenue of about 31billion yuan, surpassing the 26billion yuan of the steel and deep processing industry for the first time; It is estimated that Yingkou petrochemical industry will achieve a sales revenue of 60billion yuan in the whole year, becoming the second largest industry after the two largest diagonal o1o1 and o2o2 with a length difference of no more than 0.3mm magnesium and deep processing industry

it is understood that in the 458 industrial cluster development strategic plan of Yingkou City (i.e. four 100billion yuan, five 50billion yuan and eight 10billion yuan), the petrochemical industry is one of the 100billion yuan industrial clusters that the city will focus on in the 12th Five Year Plan. According to the planning requirements, the sales revenue of the whole petrochemical industry will reach 60billion yuan in 2013. In order to achieve the set goals, Yingkou City should focus on the port energy and chemical industry of Xianren Island, and the green chemical industry developed by the Xiangyang science and Technology Industrial Park in the old border area

what is industry 4.0? The target of xianrendao petrochemical industry this year is to achieve a sales revenue of 24 billion yuan, an increase of 82% year-on-year; The sales revenue target of the chemical industry in the old border region is 19billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 36%. The sales revenue target of the chemical industry in other regions of Yingkou this year is 17billion yuan, an increase of 33% year-on-year

in the next few years, the petrochemical industry in Yingkou will take the lead in the development of regional economy and strive to become the first growth pole of Yingkou economy with the advantages of large investment, strong driving force and high added value

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