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Guangzhou petrochemical plant will realize cleaner production

after the implementation of the cleaner production plan, the atmospheric and vacuum distillation (II) unit, the first pilot cleaner production unit of Guangzhou petrochemical, has significantly reduced the emission of waste pollutants, achieved the benefits of the maintenance method of the economic four ball testing machine of nearly 3million yuan every year, and achieved a bumper harvest of environmental protection and income

at present, Guangzhou Petrochemical is strengthening cleaner production. A total of 8 units, including distillation (I), catalysis (I), sewage stripping (I), hydrofining (II), reforming, coking, power boiler and ethylene cracking, have completed the preliminary audit of cleaner production and entered the implementation stage of cleaner production. Next year, Guangzhou Petrochemical will complete 60% of the production units audited for cleaner production

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