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The petrochemical industry revitalization plan may be issued after the year.

"today, someone will report to the Ministry of industry and information technology, which refers to the petrochemical industry revitalization plan (hereinafter referred to as" the stone optical electric encoder will have the pulse signal output plan ") Mei Shengfang, Secretary General of fluorosilicone organic materials industry association, told China business news yesterday

customers respected by ICBC: an inspector from the raw materials department of the Ministry also confirmed that the draft of the petrochemical plan has been formed at present

as the automobile and steel industry plans among the many industrial plans formulated by the State Council were released yesterday, the highly anticipated Petrochemical plan is also on the horizon, which is likely to be released after the Spring Festival

wide coverage

it is understood that the core content of the petrochemical plan roughly covers the encouraging direction of oil refining, chemical industry and new materials, and involves financial and fiscal policies

the core person who participated in the formulation of the plan told this newspaper yesterday that the plan will involve principled opinions on crude oil and refined oil reserves (especially commercial reserves). It may support the construction of oil refining projects in terms of funds, and some projects will implement the form of government discount loans

a person familiar with the matter said that the changes in the export tax rebate rate of synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and other products may also be mentioned in the plan, but it is still uncertain whether the above contents will eventually be included in the plan

there is pressure to maintain

"unlike the overall loss of steel and automobile, there are about 40000 kinds of chemical products in the petrochemical industry. These products have both losses and gains, and the situation is more complex." Sunweishan, director of the Industrial Development Department of China Petroleum (stock market bar) and Chemical Industry Association, said

the orientation of the new plan is to encourage the production of some products with large import volume and domestic scarcity, and the promotion and implementation of special chemicals, especially high-end products and new materials

in terms of single products such as chemical fertilizers, it will cover the collection and storage of chemical fertilizers and support the production of scarce chemical fertilizers. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission publicly invited bids for the commercial reserves of chemical fertilizers in the off-season. The total amount of chemical fertilizers to be stored was 4.05 million tons, of which 4million tons were newly added

at the same time, the new plan may also eliminate some excess capacity. An unnamed researcher told: "at present, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and chlor alkali are all surplus products, and soda ash is also close to surplus."

the reported items are just the results of the test are inaccurate, and there are hundreds of purposes.

the aforementioned insider said that another feature of the plan is that it will support and encourage some specific projects. At the request of the Petrochemical Association, all associations are actively reporting projects, and the total number has exceeded 100. "Each project will be reported to the government again for decision." He said

on January 13, government departments were discussing the details of the plan with various industry associations. Mei Shengfang told that the total number of projects reported by the fluorine chemical industry association alone was 16, including products and various auto parts processes that can be used for cooling systems, oil management, power transmission systems, tire cord fabrics and electronic components. "Some enterprises have declared multiple projects." Mei Shengfang said

but the aforementioned people who participated in the formulation of the plan also stressed that the plan could not be passed through all the reported projects, "some projects are encouraged this year, but they may be replaced by others next year." He said

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