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Smart city lighting is expected to explode in the year, and the LED industry system is taking shape

Abstract: at present, traditional lighting methods still expose many problems, such as the inability to effectively manage reactive power consumption, the inability to timely maintain damaged equipment, some road sections, parks, etc. are still brightly lit at night when there is no one, and street lamps, cables and other equipment are often stolen and not handled in time. Therefore, the state promotes the concept of smart city, which also allows many lighting enterprises to focus on smart city lighting

at present, the traditional lighting method still exposes many problems, such as the inability to effectively manage the reactive power loss, the inability to timely maintain the damaged equipment, some road sections, parks, etc. are still brightly lit when there is no one at night, and street lamps, cables and other equipment are often stolen and not handled in time. Therefore, the state promotes the concept of smart city, which also allows many lighting enterprises to focus on smart city lighting

the industry recovers and beware of false prosperity

since this year, the LED lighting industry has been said to recover across the board. According to the 2016 annual financial reports of major LED lighting industry listed companies, most enterprises have maintained the rapid growth of target markets and utilization, including aviation, automotive, e-commerce, electronics, glass, household appliances, medicine/Dentistry, and pharmaceutical and industrial components, whether chip end, packaging end Or the lighting end is basically red

2016 annual financial report

at the same time, chip end, packaging end and lighting end began to expand production. On the chip side, due to the rise in the price of materials and the emergence of new applications, chip supply exceeds demand. San'an optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics and Dehao Runda bought new MOCVD machines to fully respond to the market demand, especially San'an optoelectronics, which increased more than 300 MOCVD; Large manufacturers at the packaging end, such as MuLinSen, Guoxing optoelectronics and Hongli Zhihui, have continued to expand their production. By the end of 2016, the production capacity of MuLinSen had risen to 60 billion to 70 billion. With the launch of the expansion plan of Jiangxi Ji'an plant and its full production before 2019, the monthly production capacity will rise to 150 billion, and the capacity scale will show a three-level jump; At the same time, as the country continues to promote LED lighting to replace traditional lighting as the mainstream, the expansion of LED lighting products remains the main trend

good financial statements, coupled with the market in short supply and the expansion of enterprises, the LED lighting industry is in a good situation. However, there are also different voices from different insiders, who believe that the current excellent situation in the industry is worthy of vigilance, which is likely to be a "false prosperity"

wuquanqing, application director of China Resources Siwei system, said: "from the second half of last year to now, the industry has indeed seen a lot of prosperity, and everyone is grabbing goods, but we should understand the real customer needs, not to pay attention not to blindly follow the trend to expand production, but to find out whether gross profit is worth doing and whether it can achieve sustainable development, and then consider doing it."

liuliqun, project manager of Foshan debaorong Lighting Co., Ltd., said: "the LED lighting industry will indeed be much better in the past two years than before, and there will be a recovery. However, our company's production capacity has increased significantly this year, but the profit is declining, which belongs to the situation of increment without increasing profit. The main reason is that now the industry has excess capacity, and the fierce competition has not stopped."

shixiaofan, deputy chief engineer of Aihua group, said: "In terms of the lighting market we came into contact with, it is indeed overcapacity. This year is not the off-season, but the orders of some customers have been significantly reduced. Now it is true that some enterprises are expanding their scale and increasing their production capacity, but in fact, China's LED production capacity is overcapacity. The continuous investment and construction of industrial parks by several large enterprises will only make the competition more intense, so now the LED lighting industry is showing signs of recovery, but overcapacity is also increasing It is a place worthy of vigilance. "

jiangxueyu, product manager of Hebei Lanrui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., said: "our company is now in the situation of increasing profits without increasing increments. Therefore, we choose to enter foreign markets. Now we mainly focus on India and Brazil. This year, we will explore European and American markets, that is, to develop foreign markets to solve the situation of increasing profits without increasing increments. Foreign markets will have higher requirements for the quality of lamps, but the unit price will be high, and the profit will be better."

Evergrande is the big one, and the system centered on large enterprises is taking shape.

the continuous recovery of the industry also reflects that the LED lighting industry has entered a new stage. Small enterprises without technology and capital are gradually eliminated from the market. The market, which once had a fierce price war, has gradually returned to rationality. Now the market presents a situation that the big one is evergrander

first, in recent years, with the continuous M & A and integration of large enterprises, industry resources continue to concentrate on large enterprises. Through horizontal mergers and acquisitions, enterprises can bring economies of scale, improve their market share, suppress competitors, and improve the entry barriers in their fields and the differentiation advantages of enterprises; Through vertical mergers and acquisitions, we can expand and strengthen the LED industrial chain, realize the in-depth integration and optimization of resources in all links of the industrial chain, and improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises

according to incomplete statistics, in 2015, there were more than 40 mergers and acquisitions in the whole industry chain, with a total amount of mergers and acquisitions of more than 30billion yuan, including many cases of Chinese capital acquiring foreign brand lighting enterprises. At the beginning of 2017, Mu Linsen finally successfully acquired landvance, which made the industry a sensation

secondly, large enterprises began to seek listing to raise funds, and the admission of capital forces made large enterprises far away from small and medium-sized enterprises. Among them, there are powerful lighting enterprises such as Sanxiong Aurora, Debang lighting and Guangpu shares. They all raise a large amount of funds through listing to invest in the research and development of new projects, which can not only mention their technical strength, but also expand their sales channels

the situation of Evergrande will be irreversible through mergers and acquisitions and listing. Liu Yanping, head of the R & D Department of Tianbao Group, said: "due to the wide application of LED lighting products, LED lighting products are relatively decentralized, and there are countless large and small enterprises doing LED lighting. Through the market competition in recent years, after the industry reshuffle, the LED industry has become more professional and standardized, large enterprises are becoming more and more centralized, larger and larger, and small enterprises are becoming more and more difficult."

Wu Quanqing believes that it is not necessarily a good thing to have a high degree of industry concentration and a situation in which the big one is evergrander, He said, "it is a basic law that the advantages of the industry can be brought into play only by concentrating industrial resources through market-oriented competition. Industrial resources can be concentrated in large enterprises, and the specialization of the industry can be reflected only by making the best performance products at the best cost. In addition, in the future, large enterprises can achieve orderly competition by checking and balancing each other, and the market will be disordered as before."

Wang Mian, the chief engineer of the R & D Department of Guoxing photoelectric lighting business department, believes that through mergers and acquisitions and listing, large enterprises have begun to build a system of the whole industrial chain, He said: "in the future, the concentration of the industry will be higher and higher, and it is an inevitable trend for Evergrande to be the big one. Now there have been many embryonic systems centered on large enterprises, such as San'an system, MuLinSen system and Guoxing system. Today's large enterprises in the LED industry are not limited to chips and packaging, but have opened up the whole industrial chain, and may extend to more fields in the future."

under the trend of "big people are always big", small and medium-sized enterprises may not have no room for survival. Bian bin, director of research and development of Xinlian electronics, believes that large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises will coexist in different ways in the future. He said: "the lamps with mainstream shape will be concentrated in large enterprises, and the market segments with a relatively small number of applications, such as the ceiling lamps with beautiful appearance, will be concentrated in some small and medium-sized enterprises with small, fast response and characteristics."

and huliqiang, CEO of Jingfeng Mingyuan, believes that the subdivided fields are worth the layout of small and medium-sized enterprises. He said: "the prospect of LED lighting market is still good. In the case of Evergrande, small and medium-sized enterprises need to do differentiated production more. With the emergence of the so-called" nano layer "structure with 33 or more layers, they have reached the extreme. They can choose the subdivided fields for layout, Or enter a market where large enterprises do not have much resources to cover. "

Liu Yanping also agrees with the statement that small and medium-sized enterprises enter the segmentation field. He said: "LED lighting is now the mainstream, as long as there is light, it will be applied. Small and medium-sized enterprises need to eliminate their own product characteristics, such as outdoor lighting, tunnel lighting and other subdivisions are worth doing. Small and medium-sized enterprises can make their products more intelligent, more exquisite, and even start from the appearance."

smart city lighting is expected to explode within this year

with the improvement of industry concentration, the LED lighting industry reshuffle has entered a new stage. At the same time, the country is also promoting smart city. Some insiders predict that the output value of smart city will exceed 700billion yuan during the 13th Five Year Plan Period. With the rapid development of IOT, it is expected that the output value of smart city will exceed 4trillion yuan during the 13th Five Year Plan period. If other upstream and downstream industrial chains, such as information technology and data analysis, are taken into account, the entire market size is expected to expand to the trillion yuan level. Intelligent lighting is an indispensable part of smart city. Its huge market potential naturally makes the intelligent lighting market a development direction unanimously agreed by the industry

"smart city is actually an opportunity and a challenge. Now everyone is developing in this direction. Those who succeed can occupy the market first, and those who fail to keep up will naturally be eliminated." Hu Liqiang said. Wang Mian also agreed. He said, "smart city will be the trend in the future, and I expect it to mature and explode from July to August this year."

what Wang Mian said is true. According to the 13th five year plan for national informatization adopted at the executive meeting of the State Council, by 2018, 100 new demonstration smart cities will be built by classification; By 2020, the construction of a new smart city will have achieved remarkable results, forming a ubiquitous service for the people, a transparent and efficient government, an integrated and innovative information economy, precise and sophisticated urban governance, and a safe and reliable operation system

with the support of policies, the hardware foundation of smart city construction has been basically complete. It is understood that iz Harding said that Chinatelecom will realize the coverage of IOT NB IOT based on 800m low-frequency and wide area in 2017. It is expected that by the end of June this year, the full coverage of Nb IOT based on 800m will be realized, and the urban basic network coverage will be significantly improved at that time. At the same time, operators, network companies and equipment manufacturers have jointly formed the application foundation of IOT platform. In 2017, Chinatelecom will launch a new connection platform and business platform to provide more intelligent connection and enabling capabilities to meet the connection of smart cities and various application scenarios. What else needs to be done? Nothing more than: the needs of application development

where there are people, there must be light. As an indispensable part of the city, the transformation of smart city naturally requires smart city lighting as a leader. On March 17 this year, Chinatelecom Zhejiang Hangzhou branch, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Dayun IOT Co., Ltd. successfully built the first in Zhejiang Province

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