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The smart door lock market takes off with the trend, and enterprises actively layout the C-end market

as a link in smart home, smart lock is naturally a major element of many giant traditional brands in the layout of the smart home market, and traditional mechanical lock brands are also increasing the layout and extension of smart lock products, and many brands are entering the market

as an entry-level essential product of smart home, the overall market scale of smart door lock industry has shown rapid growth in recent two years with the development of mobile Internet and IOT. Industry insiders said that nearly a thousand smart door lock brands have emerged in China in 2016. Under the fierce competition of "Heroes fighting", the product strength has become the key to victory

the smart door lock market is developing rapidly

smart home is the current hot spot and the development trend of the industry. Some experts estimate that the potential market size of domestic smart home in 2017 is about 5.8 trillion yuan. As a part of smart home, smart lock is naturally a major element of many giant traditional brands in the layout of the smart home market, and traditional mechanical lock brands are also increasing the layout and extension of smart lock products, and many brands are entering the market

the giant brand has a strong background and resource advantages, but compared with some other smart products, the proportion of smart door locks in its product line will not be too large for the time being. For example, international brands such as Samsung and Panasonic also have advantages in developing the smart door lock Market with the help of the previously accumulated market popularity. While the hardware end of the mechanical lock transformation process is relatively excellent, but the software end is mostly just to buy solutions, and there is a lack of docking with large developers, large properties, upgrading iterations and other services

at present, the interconnected vertical brands in the domestic smart lock market are not inferior to big brands with strong product strength. Taking Yunding technology as an example, within two and a half years of its establishment, the company has received four rounds of financing to invest in the development of the 2018 key task schedule of the civil aircraft aluminum upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism. The management includes Lenovo star, LETV, Fosun Kunzhong, Xianfeng Huaxing, Midea, Nanjing steel and railway and other institutions

Yunding technology released its new brand Loock Luke on December 22, saying that it would launch a new product in March 2017 and fully enter the home smart door lock market. It was announced for the first time that it had completed the b+ round of financing in November this year, and the investor and the specific amount were not disclosed

at present, China's smart door lock market has maintained rapid growth, coupled with China's proportion advantage in the global market demand, there are great development opportunities for all smart door lock manufacturers. "Based on the Chinese market, in the next three years, Yunding's goal is to become the world's largest intelligent door lock manufacturer with shipments," Chen Bin, CEO of Yunding technology, told the media, "Yunding will always focus on the field of intelligent door locks, and use technology to create a sense of security and comfort for more rental houses and home users in China"

actively layout the C-end market

data shows that currently there are 73 million rental houses and 100million rooms in China, Among them, there were about 500000 quality apartments in 2015, and more than 1million new apartments this year. Each quality apartment has the installation of smart door locks. Usually, the metal material tension machine adopts the requirements of ordinary 3-camera electricity or frequency conversion electromechanical installation, and the actual number of smart door locks installed is about 350000

it is reported that Yunding technology is currently focusing on the domestic b-end market of smart door locks through cooperation with many well-known brands in the industry, such as linkhome free, Boyu, HONGPU apartment, Xiangyu, Xiaozhu short rent, Fuxing real estate, and Rongke Zhidi. Among them, the number of Yunding cooperative apartments has reached more than 300, with more than 200000 sets of equipment installed, covering 18 provinces and 30 cities and regions across the country. The number of customers, scope of service and fields involved are all market leaders 16 Host structure: 4-column frame structure and portal frame structure (optional) first

according to relevant sources of the company, in 2016, Yunding technology's orders in the apartment smart door lock market exceeded 180million yuan, providing services to 500000 young people, accounting for about 60% of the industry market share. Compared with the rapid coverage of the b-end market, the huge blue ocean market of the C-end is bound to be a battleground for major brands, and may become a key to the overall market pattern in the future. Smart locks account for more than 70% of the market share in Japan, South Korea and some European and American countries. China has a population of 1.4 billion and nearly 400 million households. At present, the number of households installing smart locks is very low, less than 3%, that is, 97% of households have the need to update from mechanical locks to smart locks. In addition, the number of new houses per year will still maintain a relatively high vitality. The scale and Prospect of China's smart lock market are the largest in the world

according to insiders, in terms of the magnitude of the two major market directions of smart door locks, there is undoubtedly a greater demand for the home C-end market. However, due to factors such as the difficulty in promoting smart door locks and the difficulty in popularizing them at the moment, the market coverage has not yet achieved a major breakthrough. After market education and further upgrading of technology, services and user experience in the previous two years, in 2017, Internet vertical brands will be more favored by the smart door lock Market by virtue of market focus than foreign and traditional brands. It is expected that the home user market, which urgently needs to develop these new materials with different mechanical properties, will explode in the next year. Of course, product power is still the key to industry competition

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