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The potential of smart energy industry is unlimited. China first mentioned ieee1888 to seize the opportunity

the economic crisis in 2008 has heated up a new term green economy. After more than two years of exploration and development, green economy, energy conservation and low carbon have spread all over the world and become the motto pursued by almost all countries and industries. Under this mainstream background, smart energy has risen rapidly. Smart energy aims to use information and communication technology (ICT) to improve energy efficiency, and use ICT to intelligently manage various energy consumption equipment in buildings, factories and households, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction

ict has great potential in energy conservation and emission reduction

the binding indicators of energy conservation and emission reduction formulated in China's 12th Five Year Plan are both pressure and driving force. With China's inclusion of information technology, new energy, electric vehicles, etc. in the national Seventh World War and the initial application of the successful operation steps and introduction of emerging industries of the strategic drop hammer impact tester in practical work, the integration of ICT industry and energy industry will bring unprecedented industrial changes, and will give full play to its role in energy conservation and emission reduction. In the view of insiders, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, it is entirely possible for China to cultivate a new smart energy industry with an industrial scale of trillions of yuan by realizing the green transformation of China's energy through ICT

according to the optimistic prediction of Zhou Fuqiu, director of the energy system analysis and research center of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, the proportion of ICT output value in GDP will increase from 2.5% in 2010 to 5% in 2015, and reach 10% by 2020. The results of the implementation experiment carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6603 (2) standard in this innovation belt have proved that the energy-saving results will be huge. He further said that if the layout is optimized and the existing ICT technology transformation is increased, the energy-saving space in the data center during the 12th Five Year Plan period will be equivalent to half of the power of the Three Gorges

China innovatively proposed IEEE 1888 standard

ict has great potential in energy conservation and emission reduction. What work has China done and achieved in this regard

at the 2011 China Smart Energy Summit and green ICT forum held a few days ago, it was learned from Tiandi interconnection information technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tiandi interconnection), the organizer of the forum, that as early as 2008, under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and Beijing Zhongguancun Management Committee, the ieee1888 working group was established under the leadership of Tiandi interconnection, together with more than 30 units such as Chinatelecom and Tsinghua University, which lasted nearly three years, IEEE 1888 universal green community network international standard was officially released this year, marking a major breakthrough in China's leading development of international standards for smart energy

ieee 1888, as an important international standard in the field of smart energy, based on the idea of all IP, converts the energy control bus into interconnection nodes, converts energy into interconnection flow, and uses information and communication technology to remotely manage various energy consumption equipment such as air conditioning and lighting, various energy generating equipment such as solar energy and wind energy, as well as energy storage equipment such as liquid battery, so as to build energy interconnection and realize intelligent energy generation, energy storage and energy conservation

ieee (International Association of electrical and Engineering) highly evaluates IEEE 1888. IEEE 1888 is an innovative technology from China, a standard widely responded by global manufacturers, an important achievement of China's innovation and international cooperation, and a landmark global standard of IEEE in the field of green energy conservation and IOT

ieee1888 actual combat exercise

facts speak louder than eloquence. New technologies and new standards must be tested by practice and transformed into tangible productivity, which is the hard truth. It is reported that a complete green energy-saving solution has been formed around the ieee1888 standard, including terminal equipment, convergence equipment, multi protocol related equipment, database, intelligent energy-saving analysis and processing platform, and visual interface

how effective is the implementation of the ieee1888 standard demonstration project? Jiang Lianshan, director of business development of Tiandi interconnection, told that the current ieee1888 demonstration projects are mainly focused on intelligent buildings, fine agriculture and smart oil fields

IEEE 1888 intelligent building application demonstration was carried out in fit building of Tsinghua University and Zhongguancun Software Park in Beijing. By introducing IEEE 1888 smart energy to coordinate consumer demands and improve user experience technology, through intelligent control, data collection, statistical measurement and other means, through remote operation, visual operation interface and other methods, the energy consumption in the building can be effectively reduced by 20%

intelligent agricultural application demonstration based on IEEE 1888 has been deployed in Heilongjiang State Administration of agricultural reclamation, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Strawberry Garden and flower base, Hainan improved seed cultivation base, and Shaanxi Yanglin agricultural demonstration zone. Through IEEE 1888, remote control of water curtains, fans, sunshades, and sprinkler irrigation facilities has been achieved, achieving the effect of water conservation, electricity conservation, production and income increase

cooperate with PetroChina Huabei Oilfield, comprehensively utilize IEEE 1888, IPv6, wireless sensing and other technologies to build smart oilfields, and carry out demonstration deployment in Huabei oilfield exploration area (Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi provinces), mainly to carry out intelligent control and energy-saving applications of oilfields, gas fields, coalbed gas fields, oil and gas pipelines

with the smooth implementation of the demonstration project, IEEE 1888 is expected to be commercially available on a large scale in two years. Jiang Lianshan said confidently

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