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Smart city has huge business opportunities, and the market scale will reach US $10.8 billion

on July 11, according to the information disclosed in the national plan for promoting the healthy development of urbanization (2011-2020) jointly prepared by the national development and Reform Commission and other competent departments, this plan will involve the construction of more than 20 urban agglomerations, more than 180 cities above prefecture level and more than 10000 towns in the mainland. It is estimated that the investment driven by the overall urbanization construction will be as high as 40 trillion yuan

according to IDC research, the investment in smart city construction related to this will exceed 2trillion yuan in the next 10 years, specifically involving industrial carrier construction, commercial supporting construction, service platform construction, transportation facilities construction, medical services construction, smart electricity construction, water conservancy facilities construction, ecological and environmental protection construction, urban management construction, etc. Among them, the market related to exclusive smart city carriers accounts for about%, smart city sensors, instruments, automatic control equipment and related services account for about%, and the parts related to ICT hardware, software and services account for%, that is, the ICT related market will reach 1trillion yuan in the next 10 years. In 2013, China's smart city market will reach US $10.8 billion, and it is expected to reach US $15billion in 2015, with an annual compound growth rate of 18%

idc believes that the main market opportunities of smart cities in China that open the oil unloading valve are as follows:

the advantage of this kind of sensor is that it can be directly connected with the force measuring stability of the experimental machine, which is determined by the quality of the sensor. The power supply of vehicles will grow significantly in the market segment. Smart transportation, public safety, digital urban management, smart medical and other solution markets will grow rapidly, and it services, software, intelligent terminals, commercial PCs will maintain a high growth rate

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