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Smart Digital Signage: Intel captured the long tail Market Sample

interactive scene of somatosensory digital signage

the wave of intelligence set off by the personal consumption market is affecting the commercial field. The Ubiquitous Digital Signage Industry is one of the industries witnessing this wave

in airports, shopping malls, banks and other occasions, there are usually some screens to display advertisements or services. These screens are usually called digital signs. After the simple display of advertisements, the ability to play videos, and the ability to connect and touch, the digital signage industry has ushered in new elements such as somatosensory interaction and big data

after this wave, Intel, as a PC chip giant, played a key role. It is it that led the upstream and downstream manufacturers to promote the development of the industry towards standardization, intelligence and adjustable mechanical properties

digital signage ushered in the wave of intelligence

in the past, digital signage was considered to be an industry without technical content. As long as you get a large screen and then can play video, it can be called a digital signage. But if you have the opportunity to go to the 5th Shanghai international digital signage and touch technology exhibition, it will certainly change your old view of the digital signage industry

in the Shanghai International Exhibition Center, Guangzhou new rhythm intelligent technology company's somatosensory digital signage exhibition hall is crowded. By introducing Microsoft Kinect somatosensory equipment, it has become a reality for consumers to interact with the digital signage when the load test is a tensile performance card with a fixed angle gasket. Chen Yongjie, managing director of new rhythm intelligent technology, told Sina technology that this was a big leap in the digital signage industry

Chen Yongjie, who has worked hard in this industry for many years with the lightweight of interior decoration, said that the main cost of digital signage in the early stage was on the screen, and the industry competition was reflected in the price, which also doomed that this industry was not a high profit market in the early stage. The trend of intelligence makes the competition of digital signage more technical

according to the on-site display, digital signage can be transformed into an interactive game terminal by adopting the somatosensory interactive software developed by the new rhythm intelligence, and this kind of game can be an interactive game customized by advertisers. Chen Yongjie said that in addition to somatosensory interaction, the software they developed can also collect a series of data behaviors to provide decision-making basis for upstream advertisers' advertising

under such application scenarios, digital signage has become a data acquisition terminal. How many people passed by, how many people saw advertisements, how many people interacted, how long they stayed, and so on. Data can be transmitted to the server for analysis through big data technology

Intel captured the long tail Market Sample

the future trend is that digital signage will develop in the direction of intelligence, behind which Intel actually plays a very important role. At this digital signage exhibition, many digital signage enterprises developed application software based on Intel chips and windows operating system

compared with the smart, computer and other screen markets, the digital signage market can be regarded as a long tail market, but it is a market with extremely fast growth. According to the prediction of a third-party organization, 22million smart screens will be used in the Global Digital Signage Industry from now to 2015

four years ago, Intel's market share in this market was only 13%, but now its share has exceeded 66%, in a complete leading position. So, what strategy does Intel adopt to occupy the long tail market of digital signage? In short, Intel copied its role in the PC industry to the digital signage industry

through the Wintel alliance with Microsoft, Intel has promoted the upgrading of PCs from generation to generation. In this process, Intel also cooperates with manufacturers, software manufacturers and developers to develop software and hardware applications and improve the entire ecosystem. Intel is actually playing a similar role in the digital signage industry

in the early days, the digital signage industry was relatively scattered and lacked recognized standards, which brought great challenges to both manufacturers and developers. For this reason, Intel proposed the open pluggable specification (OPS) in 2010, which provides a standardized interface for the digital signage industry, making its maintenance and upgrade more convenient and content interaction more smooth. Ops is simply a Mini PC with Intel chips and storage devices such as memory and hard disk

with the intelligent development of digital signage, Intel is also constantly upgrading ops and developing important software systems. In order to ensure the unity, instant distribution and security of digital signage display content, Intel has developed a content management system for the digital signage industry to provide integrated hardware and software solutions for the integration industry

in fact, digital signage is a sample of Intel's occupation of the long tail market, and Intel is also following suit in some segments such as industrial computers and special computers

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